About Oda Portal

Oda Portal introduces an unprecedented level of photo enhancement, virtual staging, and digital asset management capabilities through a set of powerful, user-friendly, and globally accessible image enhancement and classification tools. Aspiring to unlock the creativity and expression of property owners and real estate businesses, the Oda team uses their exclusive artificial intelligence technology to support the underserved real estate industry with automated and innovative visual marketing solutions.

Initially gaining popularity among vacation rental hosts and third-party services supporting the rental platform businesses, Oda now supports a variety of top property management companies and builders across the globe.

Oda Portal by the numbers

Photos Processed
With a team of MIT graduates with an extensive background in A.I., Oda Portal has been creating solutions specifically targeting real estate since 2019. Realizing the wealth of untapped information data in property photos and the room for improvement in visual content, the team is working to empower the industry with the latest developments in artificial intelligence and computer vision.

Oda Portal's image labeling, scoring, and enhancement services receive frequent updates and new features, to allow its users to scale their businesses and increase visibility across online marketing channels.

For any questions/suggestions send an email at help@odaportal.com
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How Oda Works

Step 1: Image Scoring

Image Scoring

We assess image for its technical and aesthetic qualities using ML models photos
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Step 2: Image Segmentation


We identify different parts of the photo and objects in the room
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Step 3: Images Super- Resolution


Image restoration using cutting edge GAN models
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Step 4: Image Enhancemnet


Various layers of custom enhancements depending on image content