Oda Portal Referral Program

Benefit when the businesses you know sign up for Oda services.

Get paid lifetime residuals

You get paid a lifetime residual. Your earnings start at a 5% and gradually increase to 10% the more you refer.

Invite your friends

Invite your friends to join and help them earn passive residual income from referrals

Help your community

Oda supports property managers and landlords to create an exceptional experience for prospective residents.

Refer customers. Grow your revenue.

Your partnership with Oda begins as a Referral Partner.

Your referral rate

Oda pays you for referrals so that you get a lifetime residual every month.

  • Tier 1: You get 5% payout
  • Tier 2: You get 10% payout when your referrals are greater than $10,000
  • Passive Income: You get 3% payout from referrals made by your friends

Get started

Complete the form on the right to join our Partner Referral Program. That's the first step to start earning commissions on deals you submit to Oda.

Next steps

After submitting this application, you will receive an email with more information on how to send your leads to Oda.

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Learn more about our program

Find a time to meet with Oda and learn more about our referral options.