Is your photo library a mess?

January 14, 2022

Your photo library is a mess.

Do these issues sound familiar?

Limited coverage of professional photography. You can’t schedule a new shoot for every single unit and renovation because the coordination costs are too high, leaving you with an inadequate photo library.

Onsite team’s photos do not match your brand. Your agents aren’t photographers. (And why should they be?) Even though they can snap a photo while at a property, pictures taken by your leasing agents are usually lower quality or not adequately showcasing the property.

Onsite team’s photos are not organized and get lost easily. Photos taken by leasing agents often sit in a folder on their computers or in their phones’ camera rolls, and your marketing team never sees these photos. If/when your leasing agent leaves the company, the photos leave with them.

Half-baked solutions scatter your assets. Is your photo library divided between Google drive, your DAM, and your agents’ personal computers? Existing digital asset management solutions only go halfway, leading property managers to stitch up solutions for themselves, which can be costly.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could:

  • Create, track and tag photos of all your properties.
  • Share your libraries easily to engage prospects with photos reflecting your marketing standards.
  • Upgrade photos taken by your agents instantly to professional quality.

With Oda Studio, now you can.

Our photo management platform allows you to:

  • Seamlessly create and manage exhaustive photo libraries
  • Centralize photo distribution and sharing with your prospects
  • Automatically upgrade photos to your brand standards

To learn more about how you can finally say goodbye to messy photo libraries and let Oda Studio work for you, contact us today: